Worrying about replacing your filter media doesn’t need to be a concern any longer.

Filtra-Systems’ patented STiR technology eliminates this need in your industrial water filtration system. STiR water filter technology is unrivaled against competing offerings. This industrial water filter solution is can clean 100% of the filter media during the backwash cycle.

Other industrial water filtration systems with a sand media can render a purification system useless by allowing the filter media to mudball. In a mudball situation, the only result is to waste time and money to purchase and install new filter media.

In short, the STiR industrial water filtration systems use black walnut shell media instead of the potentially problematic sand filter media. Black walnut shells are a byproduct of the food processing industry and typically last 20 years or more.

The STiR water filter technology benefits are proven incredible in hundreds of industrial applications.

Filtra-Systems humbly leads the industry with the lowest percentage of backwash water to throughput water. Using the STiR filter, only 1.5% of the throughput is backwashed. 95% of suspended solids and 90% of oils and greases are removed at 5 micron, and waste is minimized. It is a reliable filter that has a typical operational life of over 30 years.

STiR industrial water filters reduce the cost of reprocessing and disposal by drastically lowering waste volume. The savings of a quality industrial water filter solution cannot be denied.

Contact Filtra-Systems experts today, 248-919-6119. We’ll help evaluate your needs to see how STiR water filter technology can benefit your company and start saving you money.