If you are in charge of a workforce, health is always a top priority. Keeping your workers safe is first and foremost.

What if you could not only keep them safe but protect the health of your workforce?

At Filtra-Systems, we take pride in engineering safe and efficient technology. We want our customers to enjoy our products without the risk of incurring any health issues. That is why we have designed the Coolant Mist Collector, which can improve the health of your workforce.

During the process of coolants/oils being sprayed onto metalworking parts, mist is released into the air. This oil mist is known to cause long-term health problems. These are experienced by your workforce, who are exposed to this mist on a daily basis. Respiratory issues are commonly related to the exposure of oil mist.

Long-term effects are typically more severe and can include skin diseases. The current OSHA requirement for mineral oil in air exposed to workers is a maximum of 5 g/m3. Mist often collects on the walls, machines, floors, etc.

Oil mist collectors provide many benefits.

The Stealth/Eliminator Mist Collector uses centrifugal separation to remove oil mist from the air. Oil mist droplets are gravity-drained back into the machine, decreasing the overall coolant losses. This also reduces the cost of coolant make-up costs. The coolant mist collector system is unique because at this stage it does not require moving parts, like other centrifugal mist collectors do. Due to the non-moving parts, maintenance is reduced.

As for the improvement of your workforce’s health, the Stealth/Eliminator Coolant Mist Collector has you covered.

Our mist collector prevents mist from entering the air due to its design. Our collectors are mounted to the cutting machine which prevents the mist from entering the workplace and endangering the workforce.

Improve the health of your workforce with our Coolant Mist Collector! The health and safety benefits of an oil mist collector, in addition to the process benefits and savings combine to greatly improve your manufacturing setting.

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