The world is continually moving towards automated operations. To identify opportunities for efficiency, one of the best places to start is by reviewing traditionally manual processes.

Automatic filter presses offer multiple opportunities to increase efficiency in your operations. Filtra-Systems offers the Verti-Press Automatic Tower Filter Press, the most advanced automatic filter press available.

The Verti-Press is an automatic pressure filter that is available in multiple sizes to meet any need.

There are a few major automatic filter press advantages over the traditional manual filter press. An automatic pressure filter operates the same as a manual filter press except that the entire process doesn’t require the maintenance of a skilled laborer to complete a filter cycle.

A fully automatic filter press can be rapidly cycled and can drastically reduce the workload of an employee who would otherwise need to manually scrape plates.

The vertically stacked chambers offer flexibility and improve efficiency.

There is no need for workers to maintain the filter press on a daily basis, which greatly decreases the risk of human error. The fewer operational mistakes there are, the more efficient the processes may be.

The automation results in a much more cost-efficient process, produces much more accurate results, and is safer. The less time spent maintaining a filter press means more time in the day can be allocated towards more important issues.

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