Clean, purified water is associated with using industrial water filtration for collecting suspended solids.

Finding the right industrial water filtration system capable of collecting and removing suspended solids from your water can seem like a daunting task.

At Filtra-Systems, we offer you many tested and proven industrial water filtration solutions for your water purification needs.

Filtra-Systems Walnut Shell Media Filter

In the oil field, the walnut shell media filter is used to remove suspended solids and hydrocarbons from produced water.

In power generation, metalworking, petrochemical, and chemical applications the filter treats and removes suspended solids, metal hydroxides, and oily residues from industrial wastewater.

These verified and validated industrial water filtration systems are energy efficient with a very effective backwash.

Industrial water filtration benefits also include external valve elimination, and there is no need for a gas scour during the backwash, eliminating extra capital investments. This advanced design allows for almost continuous filtration.
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