Bag filters can be used in the treatment of industrial process water, wastewater, groundwater, and cooling water, along with many many more industrial processes.

In general, bag filters are used when solid material needs to be removed from liquids.

To begin with, bag filters are placed inside of bag filter housings for the purpose of purification by removing solids from wastewater.

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Bag filters used in these industries must be stainless steel, and frequently carry an ASME stamp.

Many times the filtration process must meet stringent regulations, and frequently must be capable of filtering sub-micron particles.


To remove contaminants from water, bag filters along with other purification methods, such as the use of activated carbon or reverse osmosis, are frequently used.

Filtering wastewater for reuse means having the capacity to eliminate all types and sizes of contaminants to meet regulations and ensure safety.

Industrial bag filters are used to filter water according to the type and size of particles that are in the water.


Industrial bag filters are often used in the food and beverage industry due to their low cost and high degree of reliability.


The brewing and distilling  industries use bag filters to separate grains from sugars, remove proteins from slowing the fermentation process, and also remove any unwanted solids prior to bottling. These processes typically require different bags, as the tighter bags used towards the end of the process can have adverse effects if used in early stages.

When you need a specific type of bag filter for your application, contact Filtra-Systems to discuss your needs. With nearly four decades of experience, we have the expertise to provide you with the efficient filtration products you need for your application.