Activated Carbon Filter Bag Profile

Activated carbon filter bags are made with activated carbon fibers and have exceptional adsorption properties for organic chemical compounds.

These filter bags are typically used for removing trace amounts of organics, heavy metals, colors or odors from hazardous wastewater streams in industrial water filtration systems.



  • High temperature and excellent resistance to acids and alkalis
  • Strong adsorption and deodorizing  capability
  • Perfect for hazardous materials
Filter area (Ft2)Diameter (In)Length (In)

Chemical Resistance Chart

AC S.Acid W. Acid W.Alkali S.Alkali Solvent <95C°
Filter rating (um) 001 005 010 025 050 080 100 125 150 175 200

Product Code

Material Micron Rating Cover Style Bag Size Ring Type
AC 25 M 02 S
 AC 25 P-plain

M-Cover Layer

02-No.2 E-plastic