Like the FSCS, the FSCW Single Bag Filter Housings are used in low flow applications where high temperatures and pressures are required.

The only difference is, the inlet/outlet connections are on the same side.

Clients have shared with us that they love the fact that the FSCW has the inlet/outlet connections on the same side because it makes installation and maintenance easier.

These filter housings are engineered with safe durable stainless steel construction for a smoother laminar flow.

All FSCW bag filter housings fit size #2 filter bags and we have these housing and filter bags in-stock and ready to quickly ship to you.

Give us a call 248-919-6119 now for help choosing the perfect filter housing and media for your specific application.


FSCW Single Bag Filter Housings

FSCW Single Bag Filter Housings


FSCW Single Bag Filter Housings-Top View

FSCW Single Bag Filter Housings-Top View

A 43 5/16″ – 53 1/2″
B 37 7/100″ – 46 91/100″
C 0″ -13 3/16″
D 4 1/3″
E 9 1/8″
F 9 21/25″

Product Information

  • Value Priced
  • Robust Design with 4 point cover
  • Easy Opening & Closing. Cover has integrated handle in lid and is attached to a swingbolt
  • No Bypass – bag sealing is guaranteed with our
    proprietary bag clamping mechanism
  • Easy to Clean
  • Stainless steel bag filter housing will accept either standard or pleated bags
  • Bottom Outlet & Adjustable Legs simplify installation
  • Large Inventory available
  • ASME option available
  • On the chart below: 01-02-02 (First 01 is the # of bags (1), second 02 is the inlet flange size (2″), and third 02 is the outlet size (2″)


  • All vessels have 1/2″ npt vent connection
  • Hydraulic Test Pressure:
    ( 200 psig )
  • Design Temperature:
    ( 14 F – 194 F )
  • Filter Volume:
    • #2 (7.4 gal.),
  • Nuts & Bolts:
    Zinc coated carbon steel
  • Empty Weight:
    • #1 (72 lbs)

Order Information

SeriesModel #Bag Quantity Bag SizeMaterialMax Pressure (psi) Connection Inlet/OutletConnection Type
FSCWFSCW010202S4NR212SS3041502ANSI Flanged
FSCWFSCW010303S4NR212SS3041503ANSI Flanged
FSCWFSCW010202S6NR212SS316L1502ANSI Flanged
FSCWFSCW010303S6NR212SS316L1503ANSI Flanged
FSCWFSCW010202CSVR212CS1502ANSI Flanged
  1. FSCW series filter vessels are rated for 150 psig and available with ASME stamp
  2. 01-02-02 (First 01 is the # of bags (1), second 02 is the inlet flange size (2″), and third 02 is the outlet size (2″).
  3. Material of construction selection is S4 (304SS) or S6 (316SS) or CS (carbon steel)
    • All carbon steel vessels are painted with two components epoxy primer & topcoat.
  4. Vessel gasket selection is V (viton) or N (nitrile).
  5. Stainless steel filter vessel includes perforated SS bag support basket.
    • Basket available with F (Flat) bottom for pleated bags or R (Round) bottom for standard bags.
  6. FSCW style vessels accept industry standard #2 (30″) Bags.
  7. Add “- ASME” to the end of model #, to order ASME option.