FSQC Multi-Bag Filter Housings are used in high flow applications when minimizing downtime and maximizing profits are valuable to you and your company.

The Quick-Change clamps free you up to change bags faster and easier, while also having a high-pressure operation.

FSQC 8-Bag Filter Stainless Steel Housing with Quick Change Clamp

FSQC 8-Bag FilterStainless Steel Housing with Quick Change Clamp

Product Information

  • Quickest Turnaround. Our Quick Change opening & closing mechanism enables the fastest bag change out possible
  • No Bypass – bag sealing is guaranteed with our compression style bag clamps
  • Highest Capacity Available – up to 23 bags per vessel means higher flow rates and less downtime for bag changes
  • Ergonomic Design. Low profile allows easier access and our Spring Balanced Lid can be opened with one hand
  • Flexibility – accepts both #2 bags or pleated cartridges, alternate inlet & outlet sizes and orientation can be specified
  • Inventory Available or Made-to-Order
  • ASME option
  • On the chart below, Model # 03-03-03 means:
    (First 03 is the # of bags (3),
    second 03 is the std. Inlet Flange Size (3″), and
    third 03 is the std. Outlet size (3″)


  • All vessels lids have two, 1/2″ npt vent connections.
  • All vessels have an 1 1/4″ drain plug located on the bottom of both the inlet and outlet pipe.
  • Hydraulic Test Pressure ( 200 psig )
  • Design Temperature ( 176 F )
  • Standard Inlet and Outlet sizes are listed. Other sizes and orientation maybe ordered.
  • All vessels sandblasted inside and out (SSPC-SP5)

Order Information

SeriesModel #Bag Quantity Bag SizeMaterialMax Pressure (psi) Connection Inlet/OutletConnection Type
FSQCFSQC030303S4NR32SS 304 1503ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC040404S4NR42SS 304 1504ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC060606S4NR62SS 304 1506ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC080808S4NR82SS 304 1508ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC120808S4NR122SS 304 1508ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC171010S4NR172SS 304 15010ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC231010S4NR232SS 304 15010ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC030303CSVR32CS1503ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC040404CSVR42CS1504ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC060606CSVR62CS1506ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC080808CSVR82CS1508ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC120808CSVR122CS1508ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC171010CSVR172CS15010ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC231010CSVR232CS15010ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC030303S6NR32SS 316L1503ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC040404S6NR42SS 316L1504ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC060606S6NR62SS 316L1506ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC080808S6NR82SS 316L1508ANSI Flanged
FSQCFSQC120808S6NR122SS 316L1508ANSI Flanged
  1. FSQC series filter vessels are rated for 150 psig working pressure and available with ASME stamp.
  2. 03-03-03 (First 03 is the # of bags (3), second 03 is the std. Inlet Flange Size (3″), and third 03 is the std. Outlet size (3″).
  3. Material of construction selection is S4 (304SS) or S6 (316SS) or CS (carbon steel)
    • All carbon steel vessesl are painted with two components epoxy primer & top coat.
  4. Vessel gasket selection is V (viton) or N (nitrile).
  5. Vessel includes perforated SS bag support basket.
    • Basket available with F (Flat) bottom for pleated bags or R (Round) bottom for standard bags.
  6. FSQC multi bag filter vessels are designed for use with #2 filter bags or pleated cartridges.
  7. Add “- ASME” to end of model #, to order ASME option.
  8. Add “- A”, “-B”, or “-C” for the inlet & outlet orientation specified. Outlet is always tangential with bottom.